Sailing without Cash

You would think it would be impossible to sail around the world without cash but apparently, it is actually doable.

Due to the fact that most of the locals in islands are so friendly that even if you do have cash, they will end up not accepting it.

However, keep in mind that it would entirely be up to them what they will give you so you basically have no choice whether it is a bottle of rum or a glass of vodka sprite. If you land on an island that digs parties then they will give you those drinks and it is better than beer since beer makes your belly round. You are going to find out that they don’t need cash on those islands since it is the island life after all.


Even if they accept the cash, they won’t know where to use it. There are various stuff you can give the locals in exchange for food and accommodation including cheesy movies and old National Geographic episodes. That is also assuming they have players to play these things but never underestimate locals since they have the ability to compromise given the situation to them.

Another good idea to give them is old rock band t-shirts since some locals are apparently rock fans and you can’t blame them since they play nice island songs so their music is just chill. There is nothing like listening to some old Bob Marley songs while on an island. The waves are calling and the breeze of the wind is just heavenly. There is nothing like enjoying nature as it is one of the New Sensations discount you won’t be able to buy. It is absolutely priceless. Imagine sitting on a hammock by the beach while listening to the chirps of the seagulls. It is indeed something you would want to do every day in your life if only that would happen. Since you have a boat that would magically sail around the world, you happened to have a strong boat since you can expect strong storms and sharks. Since it is only a sailboat, it is going to take some time to do this so better to be patient.

You only live once so it would be a good idea to explore the world whether it be by yourself or with other people.


It is going to be an entirely different story if you choose to travel alone but you are going to be forced to meet a lot of people. You have to forget about the air con in the malls and at home when doing this though so there are going to be a lot of risks involved in it. However, if you are the type that can live without air con then this adventure is for you. It is not something you can make a tour package out of even though that business is booming nowadays.

There is an island called Easter Island where the liquor is just too good to be true because it is so cheap quite similar to Some sailors could go to this island then buy a bottle of Black Label then drink it all while sailing in the sea. It is hard to get drunk in the middle of the sea though since you have nothing to eat. How could you remove that feeling of being drunk when you have nothing to eat so you will end up doing jumping jacks and push-ups in order to perspire in the middle of nowhere? The best thing to do in this adventure is a come what may type of attitude as you can bring things to the island that they really need and there is nothing that can be exchanged for their reactions. They will surely be happy when they give you that everlasting gratitude and they will give you what they can offer. You need to be in the proper gear though to travel as you can’t just go around islands in your coat and tie as that would look really improper.

If you get wasted and party with the other sailors then you would end up making the boat look like a party boat with porn deals. Whatever happens, this will be one for the books.